Scheme Funding Negotiations

The Art of the Possible

Funding agreements that work for all parties

Our hugely successful Employer advice practice can help you find a solution that works for you and for your Scheme.

Our consultants negotiate regularly for Employers or for Trustees (and even act as Trustees themselves). 

This means that we have experienced the competing needs that each party is balancing, and we know where Trustees can be flexible and where they can’t.

How should an Employer approach a funding valuation?

Your steps to a successful funding negotiation.

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Why We Are Different

There are three main voices in the room in any funding negotiation – the Trustees, the Employer and the Scheme Actuary.

As we provide both Scheme Actuary and Professional Trustee services we know the constraints that each is working under and what flexibilities they have.

We will bring that expertise  to your side of the table and help keep you one step ahead of the other key participants.

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