Scheme Actuary

What We Do

How we do it

We help our Trustee and Employer clients find middle ground solutions that all parties can support.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. We know that a funding agreement has to work for both the Trustees and the Employer, otherwise it won’t last.

We help our clients be flexible and find the middle ground that works for everyone.

How it's done

Our clients can log in to their dashboard and see live calculations of their Scheme funding position every day, and they can flex the assumptions to see how changes would affect their deficit or surplus.

12 (1)-min

Daily Updates

Mantle provides daily calculations of Scheme funding, linking directly to the administration database to allow for member movements experience. 

This allows our clients to monitor their Scheme’s progress in real time and manage their long term flight path effectively.

Projections In Real Time

Liabilities are projected forward and charted in real time, showing the expected future progress of your Scheme as it matures.


13 (1)-min
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